Harley-Davidson 39mm Fork FXR, FXD, XL from 87 to Current, Light Bar N935 & N935E INSTALLATION AND OWNER'S MANUAL


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1. Remove Headlight from Headlight Shell (Screwdriver) set aside. 2. Disconnect Turnsignal wires behind or inside Headlight Shell. 3. Unbolt Headlight Shell from Eyebrow (3/4″ Socket & Wrench). Let hang from wires. 4. Remove front Turnsignal Assemblies from motorcycle. 4a. If Turnsignals are mounted to the Handlebar use the 1/2″ Wrench. 4b. For fork mounted Turnsignals, 1996 to current, use the Torx Wrench 4c. For fork mounted Turnsignals 1987-92 use the 5/16 Hex Key Set turnsignals aside, they will not be reused. 5. Remove screw from Brake Hose Clamp and Clutch Cable Guide (Hex Key Wrench, 3/16″) located on the bottom of the lower Triple Clamp. Set aside, it will not be reused. 6 . Remove the Pinch Bolts from the lower Triple Clamp (Torx Wrench, 1993 to Current, or 5/16 Hex Key, 1987 to 92). Set aside, they will not be reused. INSTALLATION 1. Mount the Light Bar Assembly: A. Hold the Light Bar assembly up to the lower Triple Clamp, the center bracket will be below the Triple Clamp. B. Start the 1/4-20 x 3/4 Screw, with Washer, through the Brake Hose Clamp, clutch cable guide then the center bracket and into the threaded hole previously used for the Brake Hose Clamp. C. Position a Spacer between the Outer Brackets and the Triple Clamp and start the 3/8-16 x 2″ Hex Bolts through the Outer Bracket, then the Spacer and into the Pinch bolt location on the lower Triple Clamp. Do this on both sides of the lower Triple Clamp.

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