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5/16 Bolt hole boss clearance This can easily be checked with the trap door gasket. Put the gasket on the dowel pins. AII material of the boss around the hole that “sticks outside” the gasket (60 degrees forward to 60 degree backwards) must be removed (see figure A). Primary fork clearance Place the gasket on the housing and remove material as indicated for clearing the shifter fork (see figure B). WWW . ZODIAC . NL PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS FOR HARLEY-DAVIDSON ® INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS FOR 6 SPEED CONVERSION KIT AND 6 SPEED BUILDER KIT speed transmission. Also make sure you have a 1990 or later Factory Service Manual available. Tools The conversion kit should only be used in new or low milage transmissions. If gears or bearings of a used Gear set Removal Refer to the Factory Service Manual Section for Mainshaft and Countershaft removal. When you get to the point of actually sliding the gear set out make sure you properly mark the 5th gear set as described in the Factory Service Manual (for used transmissions only). Further follow the factory removal procedure. Clearance Checks The 6 Speed conversion and builder kit will fit in most OEM or aftermarket transmission housings without may be needed. The following clearances must be checked before assembling the 6 speed transmission. 28-05-2008 We recommend the kits are installed by a qualified mechanic with knowledge of the Harley-Davidson 5 needed are the same as used for a 5 Speed transmission. 5 speed transmission are worn, new ones must be installed, or better, the builder kit should be used. any modification of the housing. However due to casting differences, in some instances some modification
WWW . ZODIAC . NL PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS FOR HARLEY-DAVIDSON ® Pillow block clearance (right side) Make sure there is clearance between the pillow block and the housing. Any clearance is O.K. (see figure C). Fork shaft support clearance Again use the gasket as the template and remove the material as indicated (see figure D). Shift drum end play The end play of the shift drum must be checked prior to final installation. Install the shift drum. Measure the end play with feeler gauges at the right pillow block (see figure E). End play should be between .004″ and .010″, some 1/2″ X 7/8″ 0.008″ thick shims are included to adjust the end play

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