Harley-Davidson Amp Module – Base Kit Installation Manual


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Technique for removal of Ampseal contacts from the connector housing (refer to Photos 5 and 6): Grab the wire to be removed (shown in the next section) with needle nose pliers or hemostats. While rotating the wire back and forth over a half turn (1/4 turn in each direction), gently pull the wire until the contact is removed. Photo 5- Pin Removal, Step 1 Photo 6- Pin Removal, Step 2 End of Removal Technique Installing Kennedy Harnesses part #85910 and 85911 Locate Kennedy harnesses part #85910 and 85911 and 5 pieces of 1/8″ diameter x 2″ shrink-wrap, from kit part number 85615-10. Refer to Figure 1 (Pre-’06) and Figure 1a (2006 and Newer) on the next page, and make the connections between Ampseal connector 28B and Kennedy harness 85910, and harness 28B and Kennedy Harness 85911.

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