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INSTALLATION Compressed air can pierce the skin and flying debris from compressed air could cause serious eye injury. Wear safety glasses when working with compressed air. Never use your hand to check for air leaks or to determine air flow rates. (00061a) Wear safety glasses or goggles while drilling. Flying debris could result in serious eye injury. (00565b) 4 3 6 5 6 1 2 7 is05443 1. Drill, 1.250 inch 2. Drill stop collar, 1.250 inch 3. Drill stop gauge 4. Socket head screw, 5/16 inch 5. Socket head screw, 1/4 inch 6. Dowel pin 7. Top plate Figure 1. Top Plate and Drill Bit Stop Collar Installation 1. Remove valves from cylinder heads. NOTE Do not allow the threaded studs to damage the gasket sealing surface of the cylinder head. 2. See Figure 7 and Table 1. Mount a cylinder head to the tooling plate (1). 3. Place a head bolt spacer (7) over each stock head bolt and lubricate threads and thrust faces, dowels and studs. Tighten head bolts in a crisscross pattern to 10 ft-lbs (13.5 Nm) . 4. See Figure 1. Align the top plate (7) bolt and dowel holes with the head hole pattern, Screamin’ Eagle logo towards the spark plug. This plate will only fit one way for the cylinder head it is being installed on. If the plate does not align with the head, turn it over keeping the logo towards the spark plug and install the cylinder head. 5. Lubricate the two dowel pins (6) and insert in the top plate and into the cylinder head. 6. Apply lubricant to the two socket head screws (4 and 5). Insert into their respective holes in the plate to the cylinder head and tighten to 5 ft-lbs (6.8 Nm)

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