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INSTALLATION To prevent accidental vehicle start-up, which could cause death or serious injury, disconnect negative (-) battery cable before proceeding. (00048a) Disconnect negative (-) battery cable first. If positive (+) cable should contact ground with negative (-) cable connected, the resulting sparks can cause a battery explosion, which could result in death or serious injury. (00049a) 1. Disconnect the battery cables, negative side first. 2. Remove the seat according to the procedures in the applicable Service Manual. NOTE Federal regulations require that red turn signal lenses need to be a minimum of 4 inches from the tail or stop lamp, edge to edge. In order to ensure this spacing requirement, new directional stand-offs are provided in kit and must be used to replace the original (stock) directional stand-offs. To install the new directional stand-offs, perform the following. 3. See Figure 1. Insert a small screwdriver into middle hole (1) of license plate light cover assembly (2). Push forward to release tail lamp spring clip. -J03679 1 of 4 2 1 is01493 1. Middle hole 2. License plate lamp assembly Figure 1. Removing Tail/Stop Lamp Assembly 4. See Figure 2. Lift tail lamp assembly upward and disconnect tail lamp connector (1). Disconnect left (2) and right (3) turn signal 2-place connectors. 5. See Figure 3. Remove two left side fender support front socket head screws (1). Save hardware for installation. 6. Remove left fender support capscrew (2) (under fender) near end of support and washer (3). Remove capscrew (4) at approximate midpoint of fender support and washer (5). Save hardware for installation. 7. Remove directional lamp screw (6) and washer (7). NOTE Prior to removing turn signal wires, carefully note routing. In particular, pay close attention to the locations of cable straps which must be replaced. 8. Carefully remove fender support (8), turn signal lamp (9) and directional lamp support (10) along with wiring through elongated hole in fender (11). Discard directional lamp support and cap screw. Save turn signal lamp for installa- tion. 9. Perform Steps 5 through 8 for the right fender support and signal lamp assembly. NOTE At this point, the two turn signal pin terminals must be removed from the two-place connector in order to remove the turn signal and directional stand-off from the fender support. The pin terminals will be re-installed to the connector after routing wiring through new directional stand-off and installing stand-off and turn signal to fender support. Follow the instructions under AMP MULTILOCK CONNECTORS in the applicable Service Manual to remove the pin terminals from the two-place con- nector. 10. See Figure 3. Obtain new directional stand-off and cap- screw from kit. Route wiring from turn signal lamp (9) through new directional lamp support (10) and elongated fender support hole (11). Install capscrew (6) through fender support, new directional lamp support then into turn signal. Tighten capscrew securely. 1 3 2 is 01494 1.4-place tail/stop lamp connector 2. Left turn signal 2-place multi-lock connector 3. Right turn signal 2-place multi-lock connector Figure 2. Disconnect Tail Lamp and turn Signal Connectors 11. Perform step 10 for the right side

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