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Installation When performing the following procedures, be careful not to scratch painted surfaces (fender, tank, etc.) with metal tabs on seat. 1. Remove existing seat strap from motorcycle. Retain all hardware. Discard seat strap. 2. Remove existing seat from motorcycle by removing Phillips head screw with lockwasher, and nylon washer from rear fender mounting bracket. Retain all hardware except discard nylon washer. 3. Disengage seat from frame tab at front of seat. 4. Install new seat onto motorcycle, making sure bracket on front of seat fully engages into seat mounting tab on frame. NOTE On rear fenders of 1997-1999 models, a captive nut secured with a plastic retention washer has replaced the previously used weld nut. Do not remove the plastic retention washer unless the captive nut is damaged and must be replaced. The plastic retention washer also prevents seat bracket from contacting paint on fender. Therefore, no nylon washer is required between bracket and fender on 1997-1999 models. 5. On pre- 1997 models , secure seat onto rear fender with original screw and lockwasher and place guide washer (1) between seat bracket and rear fender. 5a. On 1997-1999 models , secure seat onto rear fender with original screw and lockwasher. After installing seat, pull upward on front of seat to be sure it is locked in position. If seat is loose, it could shift during vehicle operation, resulting in loss of control of vehicle and death or serious injury. 6. Use original hardware to install new seat strap (2) in same location as old seat strap. On FXSTC, Softail Custom models, fasten seat strap to fender support

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