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51138-07 2007 VRSCAW, VRSCX, and VRSCDX 51220-07 2007 VRSCD 51120-07 Kit Contents See Figure 9 and Table 2. INSTALLATION 2 1 3 is02795 1. Seat tether 2. Hex nut 3. Seat post nut Figure 1. Remove Pillion 1. See Figure 1. Open rider’s seat and remove tether (1) from pillion base. 2. Remove and save seat post nut (3) and hex nut (2) from the pillion base for reinstallation. Lift pillion tabs off frame studs and push the pillion forward to release bottom of the pillion from pillion post on fender. Lift the pillion away from the motorcycle and temporarily set aside. 1 is02786 1. Electronics Caddy Figure 2. Remove Electronics Caddy 3. See Figure 2. Make note of electronics caddy location and wiring routes under pillion base. Press on the caddy’s retaining tabs and remove the caddy from the fender. Move the caddy and wiring to the side. 2 1 2 is02787 1. Pillion post 2. Screws and washers Figure 3. Remove Fender Support Screws and Washers 4. See Figure 3. Remove the four fender support screws and washers (2). Discard screws, but save three washers for re-installation. From under the fender use an allen wrench to hold the lower pillion screw while removing the upper pillion post (1). Save the pillion post and lower washer for reinstallation. 5. Thoroughly clean fender at pillion mounting area of all dirt and debris

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