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INSTALLATION : The spacer behind the front pulley should be removed prior to installing the belt drive. This spacer may or may not be required to correctly align the pulleys. If a spacer is needed for alignment, various sizes are available from your local Primo Belt Drives dealer (part number PX-1 =package of 6 various sizes). With all supporting components installed, install front pulley, lubricate and reinstall the clutch hub. Loop the belt around the front and rear pulleys, and gently push into place. Use the washer and nut supplied with the kit on the front motor shaft, (always use an impact wrench on splined shaft motors) tighten to 80-100 foot pounds of torque. After installing and adjusting clutch, track the belt by turning the pulleys. If needed us a straight edge between the front and rear pulleys to check alignment. Improper alignment of the pulleys will result in reduced belt life. Spacing the motor pulley outward will cause the belt to track towards the outer primary cover. If spaced too far out the belt will rub on the inside of the clutch shell. ENCLOSED INSTALLATIONS: The same disassembly is required, with the exception of the clutch hub and inner primary. We recommend using our PC-1000-Acomplete clutch assembly. Loop the belt around both pulleys to insure that you have the proper belt for your pulleys, then gently push the unit into place. Use the washer and nut supplied with the kit on the motor shaft. Torque the motor nut to 80-100 foot pounds . Adjust the clutch & check belt / pulley alignment. Before installing the primary cover be sure that everything inside clears both the outer and inner covers. In some cases a small amount of metal may need to be removed from one or more of the bosses on the inner or outer primary covers

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