Harley-Davidson Big Twin Evolution and Twin Cam Edelbrock/ JE Sport INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONSsman Pistons


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INSTALLATION PROCEDURE Note: All Evolution® “Big Twin” pistons are marked “Front” or “Rear” and come with rings, wrist pins, and locks. • Note: We highly recommend that a dealer or trained mechanic perform the installation of these pistons. Specialized equipment is required for honing and finishing the cylinders to ensure long life of the piston and cylinder assembly. 1. Remove original equipment cylinders from engine. Refer to a shop manual or other reference book for specific steps, if needed. (Note: Care should be taken not to bend the studs or damage the cylinder during removal of the cylinders.) 2. With a small screwdriver, move the wrist pin retainer around to gain access to the tail of the retainer as it lines up with the notch in the bottom of the wrist pin hole. 3. Use a small screwdriver, pick or awl to roll the wrist pin retainer out of its groove. 4. Push wrist pin out and remove piston. 5. Repeat procedure for the other piston. 6. At this point, take cylinders, new pistons, and piston-to-wall clearance specifications to your dealer or machine shop to perform necessary machining operations. • IMPORTANT NOTE (Evolution® and Twin Cam®): The cylinder bore must be machined/honed to provide .0025″ of piston-to-wall clearance. Measure the piston diameter at a point .500″ up from the lower skirt (See Figure 3). 7. Starting with the front cylinder, install new piston rings and one wrist pin retaining clip (Note: Second ring has a dot which must face up when the ring is installed) . 8. Place the piston over the conecting rod, making sure that the intake valve pocket is towards the intake side. (For Evolution ® , see Figure 1. For Twin Cam ® , see Figure 2) . Coat the wrist pin with engine oil and insert it into the piston. Install the second wrist pin retainer into the groove. 9. Lightly coat the piston skirt with engine oil. Place a piston ring compressor over the piston/ring assembly and compress. Place the cylinder over the piston and gently push down until all rings are in the cylinder. Remove the ring compressor, and push the cylinder the rest of the way down. (Note: Be careful not to get oil onto the base gasket.) 10. Place two nuts and washers on opposite corners of the #1 cylinder to hold it down while you repeat the procedure for cylinder #2. 11. Assemble the rest of the engine per factory specifications. Start the engine and let it run at 2000 rpm for about 10 minutes.

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