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REMOVAL 1. See Figure 3. Remove button-head screw (A) that attaches battery cover (B) to battery tray (C). 2. See Figure 1. Remove battery cover by lifting it over the two tabs on the battery tray. NOTE The original equipment battery cover trim has four pinch tabs on the reverse side that attach it to the battery cover. 3. See Figure 2. Remove original equipment battery cover trim from battery cover by pushing the four pinch tabs out of the battery cover using a pliers or suitable tool. INSTALLATION 1. Place battery cover over the two tabs on battery tray (C) and attach it to battery tray with button-head screw (A). Tighten screw to 20-40 in-lbs (2.3-4.6 Nm). 2. Obtain chrome battery cover trim (1) from kit. 3. Using a 50/50 isopropyl alcohol/water solution, thoroughly clean the surface where the chrome trim will be installed. Let it dry completely. NOTE Test the trim mount fit prior to removing the adhesive backing from the chrome battery cover trim. 4. Remove adhesive liner from the chrome battery cover trim. NOTE The ideal temperature should be at least 60° F (16° C) for proper adhesion of the chrome trim on the battery cover. 5. Center and install chrome trim onto the battery cover. Apply firm pressure for one minute using a cloth to prevent scratching the battery cover and battery trim. 6. Let the adhesive cure for 24 hours at no less than 60° F (16° C)

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