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See Figure 1. Refer to FRONT BRAKE CALIPERS: REMOVAL in the Service Manual, and follow the instructions to: a. remove the banjo bolt with bleeder valve (2) and both gaskets (4), and b. detach the front brake line (3) from the caliper. c. Discard the gaskets. For this installation, the banjo bolt (2) can also be discarded. d. Remove the caliper mounting bolts (1). Lift the brake caliper assembly upward to remove it from the brake disc. -J03529 1 of 4
2 5 3 4 1 is04104 1. Mounting bolt (2) 2. Banjo bolt with bleeder valve 3. Brake line 4. Gasket (2) 5. Screen cover Figure 1. Remove Existing Caliper 2. Remove the brake pads from the caliper. Refer to BRAKE PADS AND DISCS: BRAKE PAD REPLACEMENT, FRONT BRAKE CALIPER in the Service Manual. a. Remove the screen cover (5) from the caliper. b. See Figure 2. Note the orientation of the brake pads, and remove the retaining clip (2), pad pin (1) and brake pads from the caliper. Also note the position of the brake pads at removal, so they can be installed back in the same location. 3. Repeat the procedure for the opposite-side caliper. 2 1 is04105 1. Pad pin 2. Retaining clip Figure 2. Front Caliper Pad Pin Pad and Pin Inspection 1. Refer to BRAKE PADS AND DISCS: INSPECTION in the Service Manual, and follow the instructions given to inspect the brake pads. If any front brake pad is worn to 0.5 mm (0.020 inch) or less above the backing plate, replace all four front pads. 2. Inspect the brake disc thickness, lateral runout and warpage. If necessary, follow the instructions in the Service Manual under FRONT WHEEL to replace the discs. Chrome Caliper Installation 1. See Figure 3. Obtain the correct-side new chrome caliper assembly from the kit. Remove the screen cover (5), retaining clip and pad pin (4) from the caliper. NOTE Do not remove the shipping plug protecting the brake line threaded hole until ready to install the brake line. 2. Place the caliper over the brake disc with the brake line threaded hole (protected by a shipping plug) facing upward. 3. See Figure 1. Obtain two of the brake caliper mounting bolts (1), removed earlier. Loosely install both bolts through the front fork and into the chrome caliper. Alternately tighten the mounting bolts to 38.0-51.5 Nm (28-38 ft-lbs) . 4. Install the brake pads removed earlier or, if necessary, new brake pads into the caliper. 5. See Figure 2. Install the new pad pin (1) through the inner and outer brake pads. Tighten to 8.5-11.5 Nm (75-100 in- lbs ) . 6. Install the new retaining clip (2) onto the pad pin. NOTE Ensure that the screen cover is oriented with the single tab end up, and the double tab end down. 7. See Figure 1. Install the new screen cover (5) onto the caliper.

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