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INSTALLATION Improperly aligned handlebars can contact the fuel tank when turned to the left or right. Contact with the fuel tank can cause cosmetic damage. (00372a) NOTES Check that the handlebar is centered on the risers. To make sure that the handlebar is centered, verify that the knurled areas on the outboard side of each riser are equal. Slowly turn the front wheel to the full right fork stop and then the full left fork stop to be sure the handlebar does not contact the fuel tank. If contact with the fuel tank occurs or the handlebars are not properly centered, see Figure 1. Slightly loosen the four upper clamp screws, and center the handlebar or raise the handlebar angle as necessary until proper clearance is obtained, then temporarily snug the screws, but do not fully tighten. 4 1 2 3 4 is00868 1. Upper clamp 2. Screw (4) 3. Handlebar 4. Handlebar risers (2) Figure 1. Handlebar Clamp Hardware 1. Remove and discard screws (2) that fasten upper clamps (1) to handlebar risers (4). Save washers under screw head for later use. 2. For Kit 94453-04: Select new chrome screws from the kit that match the length of the screws removed. For all other Kits: Select new chrome screws from the kit. 3. Slide washers previously removed onto screws, and thread screws through the upper clamps into risers. -J03586 1 of 2 4. If handlebar adjustments were made, snug screws but do not fully tighten. a. The bottom surfaces of upper clamps are offset, creating a gap between the clamp and riser on one side. b. Tighten clamps so the gaps appear to the rear of the handlebar, then tighten screw to 12-15 ft-lbs (16.3- 20.3 Nm). 5. If handlebar adjustments were not made, tighten screws to 12-15 ft-lbs (16.3-20.3 Nm). SERVICE PARTS

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