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INSTALLATION 1. See Figure 2. Remove oil filter (B). 2. Remove existing oil filter mount screws and washers and remove existing oil filter mount. Discard original screws and washers. 3. Remove original oil filter adapter (A) from old mount. Clean all oil from adapter, then apply Loctite 243 (blue) to the threads on the side of the adapter that mates with the new mount. Install adapter into new mount (1). 4. Place new O-rings (2) from kit into bottom of new chrome oil filter mount (1), place oil filter mount in position, and install new oil filter mount screws (4), lockplate (5), and washers (3) from kit. Lockplate must be positioned as shown in Figure 2. NOTE Carefully follow the instructions for installing the lockplate. Failure to correctly install the lockplate could cause the fasteners to turn and allow the filter mount to loosen. A loose filter mount could allow hot oil to spray onto riders or the motorcycle which could lead to personal injury and/or death. 5. Use Loctite 243 (blue) on threads. Insert upper and lower hex bolts through lock plate. Position flat washer behind lockplate and thread hex bolts into case. Snug bolts but do not tighten. 2 4 1 3 is03977 1. Top bolt 2. Center bolt 3. Lower bolt 4. Center bolt, re-torque Figure 1. Torque Sequence NOTE On FL models, it may be necessary to clip clutch cable strap on frame downtube and move cable to the side. This will allow easier access when tightening new oil mount hex head bolts. 6. See Figure 1. Tighten hex head bolts to 130-140 in-lbs (14.6-15.8 Nm). Tighten hex head bolts starting with top (1), middle (2), bottom (3), then re-tighten middle bolt (4). 7. See Figure 2. Carefully bend over lockplate (5) edges at top and bottom fastener to prevent hex head bolt from turning. 8. Install oil filter (B)

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