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Kits 41017-00, 41026-00 and 41262-03 are designed for installation on 2000 and later XL, FXD and 2000-2002 Softail Model Motorcycles (except FXSTD and FLSTS). Kits 41260-03, 41261-03 and 41265-03 are designed for installation on 2003 and later Softail Model Motorcycles (except FXSTD and FLSTS). Kit Numbers 41017-00 and 41261-03 contain a16 inch chrome slotted rear wheel. Kit Numbers 41026-00 and 41260-03 contain a 16 inch chrome fatboy rear wheel. Kit Numbers 41262-03 and 41265-03 contain a 16 inch mirror chrome disc rear wheel. See Service Parts Illustration for kit contents. nstallation Do not re-use brake disc screws. New screws are provided for disc installation. Re-using original disc screws can result in torque loss and damage to rotor and/ or brake assembly. (00319a) Refer to the appropriate Service Manual for wheel removal and installation procedures. See Service Parts Illustration. This kit contains the necessary parts for wheel installation, however you will need to save the Axle, Axle Nut, Brake Disc, and the Drive Pulley with related hardware for reinstallation. NOTE The cotter pin or spring clip for the axle nut must be replaced. They are available for purchase from your dealer. See your dealer for the correct part number for your model motorcycle. NOTE Apply two drops of LOCTITE THREADLOCKER 262 (red) to each of the five sprocket mounting screws. Follow the bolt torque procedure in your service manual or, if installing an accessory hardware kit, in the I-sheet included with the hardware kit. Maintenance and Cleaning Chrome parts must be maintained regularly to ensure that they keep their original shine and luster. 1. Clean heavily-soiled wheel surfaces using Harley Wheel & Tire Cleaner Part Number 94658-98 applied with Harley Wheel & Spoke Brush Part Number 43078-99. 2. Thoroughly clean chrome with a good quality chrome cleaner, such as Harley Bright Chrome Cleaner Part Number 94683-99. 3. After cleaning and polishing, seal the finish with a good quality sealer such as Harley Glaze Polish and Sealant, Part Number 99701-84

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