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INSTALLATION NOTE When performing the following step, it is not necessary to completely remove the shock mount bolt, back the bolt out only until it is flush with the swingarm. 1. See Figure 1. Loosen the left rear shock mount bolt (1) and back it out until the threaded portion of the bolt is flush with the swingarm. 1 2 is03762 1. Shock mounting bolt (left side) 2. Belt guard Figure 1. Loosen Shock Mounting Bolt 2. Pull the belt guard (2) straight back toward the rear of the bike to remove the guard from upper and lower grommets. See Figure 2. It may be necessary to work the guard up and down slightly to dislodge it from the upper (1) and lower (2) grommets. Remove the belt guard and discard. 2 1 3 is03763 1. Upper grommet mount 2. Lower grommet mount 3. Front belt cover Figure 2. Rubber Grommet Mount Locations 3. Obtain the chrome belt guard from kit. While making sure belt guard is over the belt, slide the guard straight in between the shock and sprocket and align cover just below front belt cover (3). The cutouts in the bracket should be lined up to engage with upper and lower grommets. NOTE When performing the following step, gently pull the guard in and out at the center; it should feel fairly tight even though the rear mounting bracket has not been secured. 4. See Figure 3. Firmly push the guard toward the front of the bike until the cutouts are secured by the grommets and the belt guard mounting bracket (1) hole lines up with the shock bolt

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