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INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 1. It is anticipated that the smooth back side of the bags will be drilled to facilitate mounting, and that you will fabricate mounting brackets, spacers or supports. Mounting bolts with then pass thru the bags and, using the supplied fender washers, be secured to either your fabricated brackets, fender or fender struts. Most installations utilize the fender struts and their fender mounting locations for connecting the saddlebags to the motorcycle. Other locations can also include turn signal or top shock mounting points. Mount points should be as far apart as possible and use the fender washers supplied to provide a stable mount base and spread the mounting load and stress over the largest area possible. The bags can also be mounted utilizing aftermarket saddlebag support brackets and securely attaching the saddlebags to these brackets. 2. The saddlebags must be securely mounted to the motorcycle so that they can support any load that you intend to carry (less than 10 pounds per side) and so the bags clear all moving or suspension components thru the full suspension travel, even when the bags are fully loaded. Be expecially careful that the cantilevered bottom inside edge of the bag, and all other surfaces, clear all components such as shocks, swingarm, brake calipers, brake rods and lines, chain guard, etc. after installation. 3. Inspect the bags immediately after first use to determine that the bags are not interfereing with moving components. Inspect weekly thereafter to be certain that the bags are not contacting moving parts and that the bags are not developing cracks as a result of inadequate mounting support. 4. If the installed bags obstruct the original factory supplied side reflectors, please contact Saddlemen to purchase self-adhesive reflectors, which must be installed where they are clearly visible from the side of the motorcycle. LOCKABLE BUCKLES FEATUREDrifter and Desperado models feature leather straps with hidden lockable buckles. Once locked, bags cannot be opened. Cruis’n models feature lockable twistlocks, with small padlocks included.

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