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1. See Figure 1. Squeeze the brake lever and place the cardboard insert between the brake lever and lever bracket. NOTE Use the eyelet of an ordinary cable strap if the cardboard insert is not available. NOTE Do not remove the handlebar clamp or switch housing assembly to remove the brake lever. Wear safety glasses or goggles when removing or installing retaining rings. Retaining rings can slip from the pliers and could be propelled with enough force to cause serious eye injury. (00312a) 2. See the Figure 2 and the FRONT BRAKE MASTER CYLINDER section of the Service Manual. Remove the retaining ring (B) from the groove in the pivot pin (C). Inspect the retaining ring (part number 11143) and replace if needed. 3. Remove the pivot pin and retain for re-use. Remove and discard the original equipment brake lever and pivot lever bushing. 4. Insert the pivot lever bushing (2) from the kit into the new brake lever (1). NOTE Follow the instructions in Steps 4 and 5 carefully in order to prevent the actuating tab on the brake lever from damaging the rubber boot and plunger of the front stoplight switch. -J04165 1 of 3
5. Gently press and hold the piston cap (A) forward with a screwdriver. Slip the brake lever into position and align the pivot pin holes. 6. Install the pivot pin and retaining ring removed in Steps 1 and 2. 7. Check the front brake for proper operation. There should be no free play in the hand lever. A slight preload is per- missible. A plugged or covered relief port can cause brake drag or lock-up, which could lead to loss of control, resulting in death or serious injury. (00288a) 8. To verify proper operation of the master-cylinder relief port, actuate the brake lever with the reservoir cover and gasket removed. A slight spurt of fluid will break the surface if internal components are working properly. 9. Reinstall the master cylinder cover. Be sure that all lights and switches operate properly before operating motorcycle. Low visibility of rider can result in death or serious injury. (00316a) 10. Check that the stop light goes on when the brake lever is actuated. CLUTCH LEVER INSTALLATION See the CLUTCH CONTROL section of the appropriate Service Manual for all clutch lever removal, installation and adjustment procedures.

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