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These kits are designed for installation on all 1999 and later 1340 Evolution and Twin Cam equipped models.INSTALLATION For models equipped with left side exhaust pipe: Perform this installation when the engine is cool. Working on or near the exhaust system when the engine is hot could result in severe burns. (00311a) NOTE Remove clutch inspection (derby) cover with motorcycle upright, not on side stand. If cover is removed with motorcycle on side stand, primary fluid will leak out of primary chaincase. 1. On models so equipped, remove the left-side passenger footboard. Using a T27 TORX® drive head, remove the derby cover from the primary chaincase. Discard the derby cover and fasteners. NOTE The gasket between the clutch inspection cover and the chaincase cover must be removed and all oil must be wiped from the gasket and groove in chaincase cover each time the cover is removed. 2. Remove the gasket from the groove in the chaincase cover and mounting surface. 3. Inspect gasket for tears or damage. Replace as required with gasket 25416-99C (sold separately). NOTE If installing the Derby cover on a 2006 and later Dyna, 2007 Softail, or 2007 Touring model, the original equipment gasket must be discarded and replaced with Derby Cover Gasket 25416-99C (sold separately). 4. To avoid punching holes in the clutch inspection cover gasket or enlarging the existing holes, install the new derby cover and gasket as follows: a. Align the triangular shaped hole in the gasket with the top hole in the derby cover. Be sure the rubber molding and the words “towards clutch” face the motorcycle. b. See Figure 2. Place a washer (2) from the kit onto the threads of one of the new screws (3). Insert the screw threads through the top hole in the derby cover, and carefully thread it all the way through the triangular shaped hole in the gasket. Do not push the screw through the hole. c. Hang the derby cover on the primary chaincase cover flange by starting the top cover screw. d. Start the remaining four screws and washers. 5. Install gasket (part number 25416-99C) and derby cover (1) on primary chaincase cover using screws and washers from the kit. Tighten screws to 84-108 in-lbs (10-12 Nm) in the sequence shown in Figure 1

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