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These kits fit 1984 and later FXST, FXSTB, FXSTC, and 1993 and later FXDWG model motorcycles when equipped with passing lamps. INSTALLATION 1. To protect against scratches, cover gas tank and front fender before installation. is 01985 Figure 1. New Clutch Cable Routing 2. For FXSTB Models: Proceed to Step 3. For all except FXSTB: See Figure 1. Relocate the clutch cable to the inside of the handlebars as follows: a. Locate cable adjuster halfway along clutch cable by the front frame downtube and slide off rubber boot. b. Holding cable adjuster with 1/2 inch wrench, loosen jam nut using a 9/16 inch wrench. Back jam nut away from cable adjuster. Move adjuster toward jam nut to introduce a large amount of free play at hand lever. c. Remove small snap ring from pivot pin groove at bottom of clutch lever bracket. Remove pivot pin and clutch hand lever from bracket. Remove anchor pin and clutch cable eyelet from clutch hand lever. d. See Figure 1. Route clutch cable to the inside of the handlebars and reconnect clutch cable to clutch lever. e. See Figure 2. Turn cable adjuster away from jam nut until slack is eliminated at hand lever. Pull clutch cable ferrule away from clutch lever bracket to check free play. Turn cable adjuster to obtain 1/16-1/8 inch (1.6- 3.2 mm) free play between end of cable ferrule and clutch lever bracket. f. Hold adjuster with 1/2 inch wrench. Using 9/16 inch wrench, tighten jam nut against cable adjuster. Cover cable adjuster mechanism with rubber boot

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