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REMOVAL To prevent accidental vehicle start-up, which could cause death or serious injury, disconnect negative (-) battery cable before proceeding. (00048a) 1. Disconnect the negative (-) battery cable. INSTALLATION Installing the Turn Signal Stalk and Rear Docking Point 1. See Figure 3. Place the rear docking point (E) and recess cover (D) over the long threaded end of the new turn signal stalk (4) with the countersunk side of docking point facing outward. 2. Insert the turn signal stalk (4) through the rear mounting hole in the fender support and fender. Apply Loctite® 243 (blue) to the stalk and thread into fender mounting bracket. 3. Tighten the stalk to 12-18 ft-lb (16.3-24.4 Nm) . 4. Loosely install a jam nut (3) and a lockwasher (2) onto the short threaded end of the turn signal stalk (4). 5. Place the recess cover (1) into position over the recess on the turn signal housing. Insert the wires from the socket through the grommet into the turn signal housing, through the threaded hole and the recess cover, and into the turn signal stalk (4). NOTE Apply a drop of liquid soap to the wires to ease insertion through the stalk or use a thin wire to pull the wires through. 6. Route the wires through the turn signal stalk (4) until they are through the fender. 7. Install the turn signal housing onto the stud. Be careful that the wires are not twisted or damaged as the stalk and housing are assembled. The lockwasher will fit inside the hole in the recess cover. Hand-tighten the jam nut against the lockwasher. 8. While pulling the turn signal wires into the inside of the fender, guide the turn signal socket and grommet into the housing. 9. Align the rear turn signal housing so that when the lens is installed it is aimed rearward for proper visibility. While holding the turn signal housing in position, tighten the jam nut against the lockwasher to 8-10 ft-lb (10.8-13.6 Nm) . Connecting the Turn Signal Wires

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