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1. Remove both left and right saddlebags and set them aside. 2. Loosen the bolt from the pinch clamp on the front end of each muffl er. Note: On older model Dressers, spread the clamps just enough to remove them. 3. Remove the two 5/16″ bolts that mount the muffl er to the saddlebag supports. Repeat this step on the opposite muffl er. 4. Remove the stock muffl ers with sliding hangers and set them aside. Note: It may be necessary to use a penetrating lubricant to loosen the muffl er from the head pipe. 5. Remove the right hand fl oor board. 6. Remove both passenger fl oor boards. 7. Loosen the heat shield clamps on both front and rear exhaust pipes. 8. Loosen the rear head pipe clamp located behind the rear cylinder. Remove the section of head pipe connecting the left side muffl er. 9. Remove the clamp holding the front head pipe to the transmission housing. 10. Remove the two mounting nuts from each head pipe, located at the cylinder head. Carefully remove the head pipes and set them aside. 11. Remove the rear cylinder bracket by removing the two starter mounting bolts. Install new mounting bracket (stamped 353-P), and torque to (13-16) ft. lbs. (Figure 1). Make sure the battery ground cable is secure and properly routed. Install mounting post (from stock system) so the nut is accessible from right side of motorcycle and saddle will support underside of exhaust pipe. Note: Pre 1998 dressers do not come with this mounting post. It can be ordered from your local dealer, Harley part number: 65619-98. 12. Carefully remove the exhaust port fl anges and circlips from the stock exhaust system using snapring pliers. Note: If circlips look bent or twisted replace them

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