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Installing the Tips: 1. Use a long 3/16″ ball drive Allen wrench to remove the two hidden retaining screws. 2. Rotate the tip to the desired position and relocate the retaining screws and lock washers inside the tip. 3. Apply a small amount of anti-seize compound to the threads and tighten to 8 ft./lbs. 4. Check the tip bolts after a brief test ride. Adjusting the Hooker Tuned-Flow┬« Muffler: 1. Loosen the socket head bolts located in the aluminum ring at the end of the muffler approximately 5 turns using a 3/16″ Allen wrench. Alternate back and forth between each bolt 1/2 turn at a time to keep from binding. 2. Using your fingers, pull the center barrel of the muffler approximately 1/8″ towards the back of the motorcycle and rotate to the desired setting. If warm, use a rag or gloves. 3. By rotating the exhaust barrel and aligning the notch in the barrel with the index marks in the aluminum ring, the power band can be adjusted. The “H” setting will bias the power towards High RPM Horsepower, while the “T” setting will provide more Low RPM Torque. The muffler is infinitely adjustable between these two settings

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