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1. Block motorcycle underneath frame so front wheel is raised off the ground. 2. See Figure 1. Remove the upper (1) and lower (2) brake caliper mounting bolts and brake caliper(s) (3). Support caliper(s) using a rubber bungee cord. Be careful not to scratch fender paint. NOTES Do not operate front brake lever with the front wheel removed or the caliper piston may be forced out of piston bores. Reseating the piston requires disassembly of the caliper. Prior to removal, make note of existing left and right spacer location. The new spacers will be installed in the locations. 3. See Figure 3. On left side of wheel, remove axle nut (D), lockwasher (E) and washer (F). Perform the following: 4. Sportster and Dyna (except FXDWG) See Figure 2. Loosen the pinch bolt nut (1) and pull the the axle (2) free. Remove wheel and spacers. Leave bearing(s) in place. Discard spacers. 3 1 2 is04469 1. Brake caliper mounting bolt, long (top) 2. Brake caliper mounting bolt, short (bottom) 3. Brake caliper Figure 1. Caliper Mounting Bolts (Left Side) Dyna and Sportster 3 1 2 is04470 1. Pinch bolt nut 2. Axle 3. Pinch bolt Figure 2. Front Wheel Mounting (Dyna and Sportster Except FXDWG-Right Side) 5. See Figure 3. Obtain the new right (1) and left (2) chrome spacers from kit and install. 6. Apply a light coat of ANTI-SEIZE LUBRICANT (Harley- Davidson Part Number 98960-97) to the axle.
7. Place wheel between sliders and install axle. Verify that axle spacers on right and left side are properly installed. 8. See Figure 3. Install the washer (F), lockwasher (E) and nut (D) onto threaded end of axle (A). 9. In order to properly align the front fork, perform the fol- lowing: a. On the right side of the wheel, insert a 7/16 inch drill bit through the hole in the axle. While holding axle stationary, tighten axle nut to 50-55 ft-lbs (61.0-74.6 Nm) . b. Pull fork leg so that it just contacts drill bit. Tighten according to the following: c. Refer to Figure 2. Tighten the Axle Pinch Bolt Nut to 25-30 ft-lbs (33.9-40.7 Nm) . d. Remove drill bit from axle hole. 10. Follow instructions in Service Manual and install brake caliper to the sliders noting the following: •Loosely install long bolt to the top hole on fork leg. Install the short mounting bolt to the bottom hole and tighten to 28-38 ft-lb (38.0-51.5 Nm) . •Final tighten top bolt to 28-38 ft-lbs (38.0-51.5 Nm) . 11. Repeat Step 10 to install brake caliper on opposite side of wheel. After servicing brakes and before moving motorcycle, pump brakes to build brake system pressure. Insufficient pressure can adversely affect brake performance, which could result in death or serious injury. (00279a) 12. Pump brake lever to move pistons out until they contact both brake pads. Verify piston location against pads

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