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WO-UP SEAT INSTALLATION Currently Installed Seat Removal NOTE When performing the following procedures, avoid scratching painted surfaces (fender, tank, etc.) with tools or metal seat tabs. 1. Remove currently installed seat following the instructions in the Owner’s Manual. 2. If a two-up seat WAS installed: Proceed to Step 6, Grab Strap Installation . If a solo seat WAS installed: See Figure 1. Remove the Bar & Shield hole plug (11) from the rear seat mounting hole (1)Seat mounting hole, rear 2. Fender hole, center 3. Seat mounting hole, front 4. Grab strap mounting hole 5. Wire routing hole (reference) 6. Fender hole, front (reference) 7. Hardware location for two-up seat 8. Hardware location for solo seat 9. Seat retention nut 10. Retention washer 11. Hole plug, Bar & Shield 12. Hole plug, plain Figure 1. Fender Hole Identification and Hardware Locations 3. At the front seat mounting hole (3), remove the retention washer (10) from the seat retention nut (9). From the underside of the fender, remove the seat retention nut from the vehicle. Insert the Bar & Shield hole plug into the front seat mounting hole. 4. See Figure 2. Obtain the cable strap (3) from the kit. a. Place the retention nut (1) over the cable strap (3) so that the wide end of the nut rests on the eye of the cable strap. b. Thread the cable strap up under the fender and through the rearmost seat mounting hole. c. Pull up on the cable strap to hold the nut snug against the underside of the fender. d. With the rib on the retention nut seated into the notch in the fender hole, slide the retention washer (2) into place from the rear (this will lock the retention nut in place), then remove the cable strap. 3 2 1 is01955 1. Retention nut 2. Retention washer 3. Cable strap (installation aid) Figure 2. Retention Nut Installation Grab Strap Installation 5. If a two-up seat WAS installed: Remove the existing grab strap and all attaching hardware, then proceed to Step 6. If a solo seat WAS installed: Proceed to Step 6. 6. See Figure 5. Obtain the new grab strap (8), hex head screw (9), plastic retention nut (10), washer (11) and hex nut (12) from the kit. 7. From the underside of the fender, insert the screw up through the grab strap mounting hole and secure with the plastic retention nut.

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