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INSTALLATION Assemble Front Spoiler and Bracket 1. See Figure 1. Position front spoiler as shown and orient bracket (1) with the angled end toward the top of the spoiler. 2. Install two screws (2) and washers (3) to secure upper part of bracket to spoiler. Tighten to 15-20 in-lbs (1.7-2.3 Nm). 1 3 2 2 3 is04350 1. Bracket 2. Screw (2) 3. Washer (2) Figure 1. Assemble Top of Bracket to Spoiler 2 1 3 1 2 is04351 1. Screw (2) 2. Washer (2) 3. Bracket Figure 2. Assemble Bottom of Bracket to Spoiler 3. See Figure 2. From the bottom of the spoiler, loosely install screws (1) and washers (2) into formed nut on bracket (3). This will allow for adjustments (if necessary) after installing the spoiler to the lower frame crossmember. Install Front Spoiler Assembly NOTES When removing engine mount screws, use a small bottle jack or similar device (placed directly under the crankcase) to hold the engine in position and maintain hole alignment between the front engine mounts and holes in the lower frame cross- member. If this safety measure is not followed, the engine may shift slightly making it difficult to align the front engine mount and new screws. 1. See Figure 3. Remove and discard existing bottom screw (1), lockwasher (2), and washer (3) from engine mount (4) at lower frame crossmember. 2. See Figure 4. Thread screw (1) and lockwasher (2) into bottom hole of lower frame crossmember until about 5/8 in. (3) remains visible. 3. Remove and discard existing top hardware (screw, lock- washer, and washer) (4) from engine mount (5).

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