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Remove seat to gain access to rear oxygen sensor connector. Unplug sensor and feed end of wire through frame so that it is free from motorcycle. NOTE: Pay attention to wire routing for re-installation. 2. Remove two bolts holding rectifi er onto front of frame (near front tire). Open plastic cover to gain access to front oxygen sensor connector. Unplug sensor from harness. Remove cable tie holding wire to frame and feed end of wire through so that it is free from motorcycle. 3. Loosen heat shield clamps on both the front and rear head pipes. 4. Remove two cylinder exhaust port fl ange nuts from each head pipe, located at the cylinder head. 5. Remove front head pipe clamp bolt. 6. Remove the bolt that attaches muffl ers to the frame mounting bar. 7. Remove the complete exhaust system and set aside. Assistance may be required. 8. Remove stock mounting bar and the studs in the transmisson cover. Save the bolts, one will be re-used. 9. Remove left bolt below the transmission cover. Position mounting bracket 405-P over mounting location to determine which bolts to remove (Figure 1). Install this bolt in the top hole left vacant by the new bracket. 10. Carefully remove the fl anges and circlips from the stock exhaust system using snapring pliers. NOTE: Replace bent or damaged circlips. Check condition of stock exhaust gaskets. Replace if worn or damaged. (Recommended replacement exhaust port gaskets, Screamin’ Eagle part number 17048-98)

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