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1. Before removing the stock exhaust system note orientation particularly of the support bar between the two muffl er bodies (Figure 1) and the muffl er clamps. If necessary, using tape or another easily removable means, note the orientation on the stock support to ease re-installation. 2. Remove the four 1/2″ lock nuts that hold the support bar to the stock muffl ers and remove the stock support bar and bolts (set the nuts. bolts and support bar aside as they will be used later). 3. Using the 9/16″ deep socket, loosen the clamps holding the muffl ers onto the head pipes and remove the muffl ers from the head pipes. NOTE: May require assistance and the use of penetrating oil. 4. The stock muffl er clamps may be re-used. However Vance & Hines recommends replacing them with new clamps (Harley part number 65283-94). If using the stock clamps, be sure the T-Bolt does not twist out of the groove during tightening. This could allow the clamp to loosen with use

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