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INSTALLATION 1. See Figure 1. Remove screw (A) that holds the air cleaner cover (B) and seal (C). 2. Remove three T27 TORX® screws (D) to release the cover bracket (E) from the filter element (F). 3. Remove the filter element, pulling the two breather tubes (G) from hole on the inboard side of element. 4. Remove the two breather tubes (G) from the fittings on the two cylinder head breather bolts (I). 5. Remove the two breather bolts (I) and O-ring seals (K) from the air cleaner backplate (J) with a 7/16 inch deepwell socket. 6. Remove the backplate and gasket (H) from the injection module. 7. Aligning the flat edge of a new cover gasket (2) with the backplate molded tab, install a gasket (2), chrome cover (1) and second gasket, in order, on the air cleaner back- plate. 8. Install the breather bolts through the air cleaner backplate. Re-install O-ring seals onto each breather bolt. Install a washer (3) from the kit on each breather bolt. Apply Loctite 243 to the breather bolts and align holes in the backplate with the holes in the cylinder heads and install the breather bolts. Use a 7/16 inch deepwell socket and alternately tighten the breather bolts to 120-144 in-lbs (13.6-16.3 Nm) . 9. Slide gasket over the sleeve on the inboard side of filter element. 10. Install breather tubes about 1/4 inch (6.4 mm) into holes on inboard side of filter element. 11. Install breather tubes onto fittings of two cylinder head breather bolts. NOTE Air cleaner mounting without installation of the breather tubes allows crankcase vapors to be vented into atmosphere in violation of legal emissions standards. 12. Place the filter element onto backplate, with the flat side down, so that the hole on the inboard side of element fits over the molded boss in the backplate. 13. Align holes in cover bracket with those in filter element and start three screws. Stamp on cover bracket points downwards. Use a T27 TORX drive head, alternately tighten screws to 20-40 in-lbs (2.3-4.5 Nm) . 14. Make sure that the rubber seal is proper seated around perimeter of air cleaner cover and place cover on back- plate. 15. Fit the air cleaner cover onto backplate. Apply Loctite 243 to the threads of air cleaner cover screw. Install screw through cover and tighten to 36-60 in-lbs (4.1-6.8 Nm)

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