Harley Davidson Electra Glides, Ultra Vent (model LV-2,3,4) Installation Manual


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Remove the fairing lower from the engine guard using the procedure provided in your Harley-Davidson user/service manual. Do not remove the glove box from the fairing. Vent Placement, Hole Drilling and Cut-Out: Caution: Place cloth or cushion underneath fairing lower to protect it from getting scratched during the following procedures. LV-2,3,4 Installation Copyright 2003-2004 2 3. Working inside the fairing and using the bottom of the glove box as a guide, position a closed vent parallel to and no more than 1/16″ from the rear edge of the fairing. Position the assembly so that the vent side tabs are no more than 1/8″ below the bottom of the glove box. (You want the vent assembly as close as possible to the glove box but with enough room so that the side tabs do not touch the glove box when the vent is closed! ) Mark the back two holes with a pencil then remove the vent and replace it with the cutting template in the exact same location. See photo to the right to assist in judging the cutting template orientation. 4. Lift out the glove box, steady the template with one hand and using an 11/64″ drill bit carefully drill 1 hole near the back edge of the fairing through the bottom corner hole of the cutting template. Install one screw and nut and tighten slightly to stabilize the template’s location. On the other corner (same edge) , drill the second hole. (You cannot drill the remaining holes from inside the fairing because the front edge of the fairing lower is in the way. ) 5. Remove the screw and nut and re-position the cutting template on the outside of the fairing with the three hole side of the template towards the front of the fairing (away from the edge of the fairing) . Install two screws and nuts into the open holes. Drill the remaining two corner holes and install two screws and nuts. Change drill bit size to 1/8″ to drill the final center latch hole. Next skip down to one of the two following procedures to make the vent opening using either A) Dremel tool/RotoZip router or B) coping saw/frameless hacksaw

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