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INSTALLATION Perform this installation when the engine is cool. Working on or near the exhaust system when the engine is hot could result in severe burns. (00311a) 1. Refer to the Owner’s Manual and follow the instructions given to remove the maxi-fuse. 3 1 2 is02998 1. Transmission top cover screw (4) 2. Oil spout assembly screw 3. Upper bearing housing screw (2) Figure 1. Interface Cover Installation 2. See Figure 1. Remove and retain the four socket head cap screws (1) that fasten the front and right side of the transmission cover. See Figure 3. Obtain the chrome top interface cover (3) from the kit. NOTE The top interface cover can be carefully brought into position on top of the transmission housing from either the right or left side without removing or loosening any vehicle components. 3. Position the top interface cover over the transmission top cover. Loosely fasten the chrome cover to the top of the transmission housing with the screws removed in Step 2. 4. Obtain the chrome filler neck cover (4), 1/4-20 socket head screw (5), flat washer (6) and spacer (7) from the kit. Remove the oil level dipstick from the oil spout on the side of the transmission housing, wipe off and set it aside for later installation. NOTE Insert a clean shop rag into the oil spout opening while the dipstick is not installed. With the dipstick removed, small parts or other foreign material could fall into the transmission, leading to equipment damage or malfunction. 5. See Figure 1. Remove and discard the socket head cap screw (2) that fastens the oil spout assembly to the transmission housing. DO NOT remove the oil spout from the vehicle. 6. Place the flat washer over the threads of the new screw, and insert the screw into the unthreaded hole in the chrome filler neck cover. Place the spacer onto the screw threads. Apply a few drops of Loctite┬« 243 (Blue) to the screw threads, and position the chrome cover onto the oil spout on the transmission housing. Lubricate the filler neck gasket with soapy water to aid in installation. Tighten the screw to 84-132 in-lbs (9.5-15 Nm) . 7. See Figure 3. Obtain the chrome lower side interface cover (1), one #10-24 socket head screw (8) and one chrome flat washer (9) from the kit

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