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INSTALLATION NOTES The upper cup washer (A) must be oriented with the flat side up and the lower cup washer (D) with the flat side down. See Figure 1 for the following procedure. 1. Align the components as shown, and install the risers (2) to the upper fork bracket. The ground wire (G) and the internal tooth lock washer (H) are located on the right side only. Do not tighten the riser mounting screws (I) at this time. 2. If an appropriate Harley-Davidson 1-1/4 inch handlebar has not been installed, install one according to the Instruction Sheet included with the kit, or re-install the handlebar assembly onto the risers. 3. Loosely install riser caps (1) onto the handlebars and risers using four socket head screws (3) as shown. 4. Ensure that the risers stay properly aligned with the handlebar and tighten the riser mounting screws (I) to 50-60 ft-lbs (68-81 Nm) . 5. Adjust handlebar to the desired position, ensure that it is centered on the risers, then, starting with the front screws, tighten the four socket head screws (3) to 12-15 ft-lbs (16- 20 Nm) . 6. Turn the handlebars full right and left. Check that: •The handlebars and triple tree clamps do not contact the fuel tank. •The steering stops function properly. •The wiring and brake line are not pinched or kinked in the steering assembly. •Throttle returns from full open to close at both fork stops. Install proper length brake lines. Incorrect brake line length can adversely affect motorcycle operation, which could cause loss of control resulting in death or serious injury. (00325a) •If you are installing different handlebars, measure the change in distance that will be required from the end of the stock brake line to the brake master cylinder. •Compare this revised length to the brake line provided in your kit. •If the line is more than 2.0 in. (50.8 mm) longer or more than 1.0 in. (25.4 mm) shorter than the above measured distance, see a Harley-Davidson dealer for the correct brake line length

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