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REMOVAL 1. Remove existing seat and grab strap (if equipped) following instructions in the service manual. 2. Refer to the service manual and remove the left side cover and battery. 3. See Figure 5. Pull plastic spark plug wire clip out of the hole in the frame plate at the location where the adjustment handle bracket is going to mount. Discard plastic hose clip. 4. Remove the mid-frame air deflector upper left mounting bolt and washer. Save for installation. 5. If equipped with a grab rail: See Figure 1. Remove grab rail screws (1) and discard. 6. Remove wire harness retention clip located above the bank angle sensor. Discard clip. 7. Remove screws (3) holding the bank angle sensor (4). 1 3 2 4 is06104 1. Grab rail screw (2) 2. Grab rail 3. Bank angle sensor screw (2) 4. Bank angle sensor Figure 1. Remove Bank Angle Sensor Screws INSTALLATION 1. See Figure 2. Install clip nut (1) in mounting hole (2). Align the clip nut hole with alignment hole (3). Follow the instructions included with the Mid-Frame Air Deflector Kit to install the four self-clinching special nuts. 2. Move the electrical connector so that the backrest mounting base does not interfere with it. 3. See Figure 3. Install mounting bracket (8) to mounting base (4) with screw (6) and flange nut (7). Tighten screw to 72-96 in-lbs (8-11 Nm) . NOTE Only use the specified screw to install the mounting bracket to the bank angle sensor. 4. Secure the mounting bracket (8) to the bank angle sensor bracket with 1/4-20 x 5/8 inch screws (5). 5. If installing grab strap (9), install backrest mounting base and grab strap with screws (1) and washers (2). If grab rail is installed, install backrest mounting base with screws (1) and washers (2)

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