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1. Using your 5/16″ allen wrench, unscrew the Cap head allen bolts attaching the stock passenger floorboard mount to the frame and remove the assembly. You will reinstall this assembly once the mounts have been installed. STOCK MOUNT FEATURES: Notice the floorboard mount has a locating pin that protrudes from the rear surface. This pin is what keeps the mount from swiveling on the frame. The frame has three threaded holes and one unthreaded hole on each side. These holes provide the three different floorboard heights the bike offers stock. HEIGHT POSITIONS: The Comfort Kit mounts provide you the ability to raise the stock floorboards height 1-1/4″ or 2″ higher than the highest stock position. This is accomplished by attaching the mounts to the specific combinations of the threaded holes on the frame. POSITION #1 – Raises the floorboards 2″ by attaching the mounts to the #1 & #2 threaded holes from the top. NOTE: You must use the rectangular spacer block in order to use the 2″ rise position in order to clear the right exhaust pipe. POSITION #2 – Raises the height 1-1/4″ by attaching the mounts to the #2 & #3 thread holes from the top. TILTING: You will notice one threaded and one unthreaded hole towards the top of each mount and directly between these holes is an engraved L & R. These mounts are Left and Right side specific. The locating pin mentioned in the stock mount features paragraph inserts into the unthreaded hole and locks the floorboard into its tilted position.

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