Harley Davidson FL series Electra Glide, Ultra Classic, Road King, Road Glide Left and Right Mounting Plate Installation Installation Manual


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Remove existing control arm end cap and grind the outside flush. See picture below for reference. The swing arm will drop if both sides are removed at the same time. To ease installation, complete one side before starting on the other. Note: there is a left and right. Left and right end caps shown. 2. Install mounting plate assembly 10002351 on top of the end cap using 7/16″ hex head bolt and lock washer in the bottom hole. Use the 7/16″ counter sink bolt in the top hole. Make sure the end cap is seated properly. The end cap notch should fit into the recess on the frame. The pivot arm assembly is shipped on mounting plate assembly; you may remove the pivot arm to make installation easier. 3. Snug up the bolts evenly, make sure the end caps are not crooked in relation to the frame. Tighten both bolts to 25 ft lbs. (Further tightening will be required after the toe in is set). 4. If you removed the left hand pivot arm assembly, remount it now, 10002575-A (pg 20) with seal, bearings (2), washer, nut, cotter pin and dust cover. 5. Repeat for right hand side. 5 Toe In Adjustment Adjustment made with the mounting plates, bolts, pivot arms, and hubs (without wheels and tires) in place

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