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INSTALLATION Shifter Side, Left Block or jack vehicle under frame in a way that the vehicle will not fall over. Failure to properly block and/or raise the vehicle could result in death or serious injury. (00462c) 1. Block the motorcycle under the frame so that it is upright and level, with the weight off of the jiffy stand. 2. Remove footpeg. 3. Remove jiffy stand, shifter linkage and bracket per applicable Service Manual instructions, retaining hardware. 4. See Figure 5. Obtain the new left side shifter bracket (2), and three TORX® screws (3) from the kit. 5. Place washers previously removed on the screws. Apply LOCTITE® 243 (Blue) to the threads, and install the new bracket assembly to the motorcycle frame. Tighten the screws to 40 ft-lbs (54.2 Nm) . 6. See Figure 5. Install footpeg with spring washer (8), clevis pin (10) and retaining ring (9). If leg stop is incorrectly installed, excessive wear can allow vehicle to fall when rested on jiffy stand, which could result in death or serious injury. (00479b) 7. Install jiffy stand and attach the spring. When properly installed, the hook on the spring side connected to the bracket will face upward. 8. Verify that rubber bumper is in place on prong of jiffy stand. Without the bumper, the stand will make hard contact with the primary drive cover when retracted, which may result in damage to the cover. 9. Extend and retract the jiffy stand leg several times to verify proper operation. The stand should swing freely to the fully extended and fully retracted positions. 10. Refer to applicable Service Manual and re-attach the shifter linkage

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