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INSTALLATION Remove Existing Equipment To prevent accidental vehicle start-up, which could cause death or serious injury, remove maxi-fuse before proceeding. (00251a) 1. Refer to the Service Manual and follow the instructions given to remove the maxi-fuse. 2. Remove outer fairing and windshield. Refer to OUTER FAIRING/WINDSHIELD REMOVAL in Service Manual. 3 2 1 is 00397 1. Socket head screw (4) 2. Radio support bracket (2) 3. Radio Figure 1. AM/ FM Radio Installation 3. See Figure 1. Using a long shank ball end socket (Snap- on® FABL6E or equivalent), remove the four socket head screws (1) to release the storage box from the left and right radio support brackets (2). Use the oblong holes in the fairing brackets to access the screws. Install Radio 1. Pull the storage box forward to remove the box from the opening in the inner fairing. Discard the storage box. 2. Position the radio (3) between the radio support brackets and push it into the opening in the inner fairing. 3. Align the threaded inserts in the sides of the radio with the oblong holes in the left and right radio support brackets. 4. Starting at the rear, install the four socket head screws previously removed. Alternately tighten the screws to 35- 45 in-lbs (4.0-5.1 Nm). 5. Plug the 23-place radio socket housing [27A] (part of the interconnect harness already installed on the vehicle) into the back of the radio. 6. Remove three T25 TORX® screws that hold the speaker opening cover on one end of the fairing. Discard the cover and screws. Install Speakers 1. See Figure 3. If the speaker (3) and adapter (4) are not assembled, or are assembled incorrectly, orient the speaker on the adapter and grille assembly so the speaker spade contacts are toward the side of the adapter with the widest edge. Snap the speaker into the adapter using finger pressure only.

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