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INSTALLATION Prepare Motorcycle for Service 1. See the Owner’s Manual and remove the seat. To prevent accidental vehicle start-up, which could cause death or serious injury, disconnect battery cables (negative (-) cable first) before proceeding. (00307a) 2. Remove the bolt and negative (-) battery cable from the battery. 7 6 5 4 3 1 2 is01951 1. Loading coil assembly 2. Nut 3. Lock shroud 4. Clip, locking (Sold Separately) 5. Nut 6. Screw 7. Tour-Pak lockset Figure 1. Antenna Loading Coil and Tour-Pak Lock Installation 3. Remove the bolt and positive (+) battery cable from the battery. 4. Install a Tour-Pak Rack kit (53276-04, 53118-98A or 53260-02) according to the Instruction Sheet contained in the kit. 5. For FLHX and FLTR models: Install Antenna Relocation kit according to the instruction sheet in that kit. NOTE Discard antenna mounts from antenna relocation kit and use mounts supplied with this kit. To open the Tour-Pak prior to installing the Tour-Pak lock, insert a flat head screwdriver into the lock location and turn clockwise while pulling up on the lid. 6. Install the Tour-Pak onto the Tour-Pak Rack using the hardware included in the Tour-Pak Rack kit according to Instruction Sheet included with that kit. Install Tour-Pak Components

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