Harley-Davidson FLTR/ FLH/ FLHT/ FLHR EFI models 1995-2001 Variable Pressure Fuel Regulator Intallation manual


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1 . Ensure vehicle runs correctly through all rpm ranges and idles correctly before attempting any work. It is highly recommended that a pressure / flow test be carried out before & after installation of the VariReg to determine fuel system condition . Stock HD 300 kPa / 44 psi, VariReg as delivered 360 kPa / 52 psi Note: In some countries gas stations do not “final filter” the fuel & therefore we recommend that the fuel filter canister be replaced every 15,000 klms (10,000 miles). Restriction of the fuel by way of a blocked or partially blocked filter will result in difficulty in tuning or failure to obtain satisfactory results during tuning. Should you experience difficulties in tuning, see Diagnosing fuel filter and pump faults 2. Remove air filter cover, air filter and backing plate. Check Throttle Position Sensor value at completely closed throttle as best performance will be obtained at the nominated settings. This will require backing off the idle screw and cold start idle actuator and screw adjustment as described in the workshop manual. The original T.P.S. values should be recorded for possible future reference. To set TPS values without the HD breakout box see VariReg TPS Setting for Harley-Davidsons The T.P.S. values must be set to 1995 – 1996 175 mV (+/- 25mV) 1997 – 2001 275 mV (+/- 25mV) Record the original TPS value here. ………………..mV YOU MUST ENSURE THROTTLE PLATES ARE COMPLETELY CLOSED AND NO BINDING EXISTS IN CABLES to obtain the correct value setting. 3. Reset idle screws to approximate previous settings, no need to start the engine. 4. Complete full or partial fuel tank removal as described in workshop manual. 5. Remove stock fuel pressure regulator as described in workshop manual and leave Horn removed from vehicle until after tuning, this will allow ease of access to the regulator

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