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1. Remove stock gas cap from fuel tank. 2. Clean and wipe inside surface of fuel tank filler cup, O-ring seal surface, and trim ring adhesive surface with a mixture of equal parts of isopropyl alcohol and distilled water. 3. See Figure 1. Install gas cap into fuel tank. is00407 Figure 1. Screw in Gas Cap is00466 Figure 2. Note Position of Arrow on Trim Ring 4. Push down on gas cap and rotate clockwise one-eighth of a turn to lock. To unlock, push down on gas cap and rotate counterclockwise one-eighth of a turn. 5. See Figure 2. Before removing adhesive backing, note position of arrow on inside diameter of chrome trim ring. NOTE As you rotate trim ring, you will see gaps between trim ring and fuel tank. Rotate trim ring to position that best eliminates gaps between fuel tank and trim ring. Rotation of trim ring should be minimal. 6. See Figure 3. With the arrow pointing toward front of motorcycle, rotate chrome trim ring slightly to determine best position of bottom chrome trim ring to contour of the fuel tank 7. See Figure 4. Mark position of chrome trim ring with masking tape or grease pencil. 8. Carefully cut masking tape with a hobby knife making sure not to scratch chrome trim ring or paint surface on fuel tank. 9. Peel off adhesive backing from chrome trim ring. 10. Using gas cap to center and masking tape (or grease pencil mark) to align, press chrome trim ring firmly into position for about ten seconds. 11. Peel off masking tape (or remove grease pencil mark) from chrome trim ring and fuel tank. 2 1 is00414a 1. Masking tape 2. Cut masking tape Figure 4. Align Trim Ring and Press into Place NOTE Allow adhesive trim ring to cure for about 5-7 minutes before you continue with kit installation. Install Flush-Mount LED Fuel Gauge 1. Remove the seat following the instructions in the service manual. Disconnect negative (-) battery cable first. If positive (+) cable should contact ground with negative (-) cable connected, the resulting sparks can cause a battery explosion, which could result in death or serious injury. (00049a) To prevent accidental vehicle start-up, which could cause death or serious injury, disconnect battery cables (negative (-) cable first) before proceeding. (00307a) 2. Disconnect battery cables, negative (-) cable first. 3. Remove stock fuel gauge. Refer to service manual for instructions. 4. Insert wires down tube of fuel tank from LED fuel gauge. 5. See Figure 5 and Figure 6. Insert LED fuel gauge in the fuel tank cup

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