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1. Insert two additional screws into the rear of the extrusion of the light head. See instruction sheet packaged with light head for details. 2. See figure 1. Secure the mounting brackets to the directional Cuda TriOptic light head using the #8-32 KEPS nuts and screws supplied with this kit and light heads. Ensure that drain holes in the light head will be pointing down when installed on the motorcycle. Refer to instructions packaged with light head for details. 3. See figure 2. Remove and retain the top screw from the fork as shown. Attach the assembled bracket to the fork using the previously removed screw and hand tighten the screw. 4. See figure 3. Remove and retain the bottom screw. Rotate the bracket assembly to align with the bottom hole. Replace the previously removed screw. Tighten all hard he Model 350213-03 is a kit for mounting Cuda TriOptic light heads 351012 & 351023 devices to the side of the forks on a Harley Davidson motorcycle. This kit uses hardware supplied with Cuda TriOptic light heads. B. UNPACKING. After unpacking the kit, inspect it for damage that may have occurred in transit. If the unit has been damaged, do not attempt to install or operate it. File a claim with the carrier, stating the extent of damage. Carefully check all envelopes, shipping labels, and tags before removing or destroying them. Ensure that the parts listed in the KIT CONTENTS LIST are included in the package.

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