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INSTALLATION The fork sliders included in this kit install in the same way as the original equipment parts. NOTE Prior to installation of this kit, check the bores of the new sliders to be certain they are free of dirt and debris or damage to the new sliders may occur. 1. Support the motorcycle so the front end is off the floor and the forks are fully extended. 2. Remove the front fender, front brake caliper(s), and front wheel according to instructions found in the Chassis section of the appropriate Service Manual. NOTE On some models other parts will also need to be removed to access the front forks. See the Service Manual. 3. Drain and remove the front forks. See the Chassis Section of the Service Manual. Wear safety glasses or goggles when servicing fork assembly. Do not remove slider tube caps without relieving spring preload or caps and springs can fly out, which could result in death or serious injury. (00297a) 4. Disassemble the front fork tubes according to instructions in the Service Manual, and replace the original fork sliders with the black sliders from the kit. 5. Assemble the front fork tubes, replacing worn seals, bushings or other additional items as needed. NOTE Do not use an impact wrench to tighten the drain screws. Use of an impact wrench may damage the screws. 6. Tighten the drain screws to 52-78 in-lbs (5.9-8.8 Nm) 7. Fill with Harley-Davidson TYPE E FORK OIL according to the instructions found in the Service Manual. 8. Install the front fork and any parts that were removed to access the front forks. Install the front fender, wheel, and caliper(s) according to the instructions found in the Chassis section of the Service Manual. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 108 requires motorcycles to be equipped with rear and side reflectors. Be sure rear and side reflectors are properly mounted. Poor visibility of rider to other motorists can result in death or serious injury. (00336b) 1 is02733 1. Install bottom of reflector 2.0 inches above center of axle Figure 1. Reflector Placement NOTE The front reflectors located on both sides of the fork sliders will be removed, cleaned and installed on the new chrome fork sliders. 9. See Figure 1. Using a piece of dental floss (or similar material) in a back and forth motion, loosen reflector from fork slider at both ends. Rotate reflector from side to side until it can be removed. Retain reflector for future use. See Figure 2. Repeat procedure on the opposite side fork slider. 10. Peel off any excess adhesive from both reflectors. Surface must be clean for reinstallation. 11. Peel off one side of backing on foam double sided tape. Press firmly on tape to secure it to reflector. Repeat double sided adhesive tape installation on remaining reflector. NOTE The bottom edge of reflector should be two inches (50 mm) above the center of the axle shaft. 12. See Figure 1. Remove second side (outside surface) of adhesive backing. Place reflector in position (1) and press reflector firmly into place to activate the adhesive. Repeat for remaining reflector. 13. Pump brakes prior to test riding vehicle.

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