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1. Put a pair of male and female clamp halves together just above the lower triple-clamp. Squeeze the ends of the clamp together with a pair of pliers. Diagram A. 2. Have an assistant position the Light Bar Assembly so the lightbar bracket is to the outside of the clamp assembly. Make sure the wires from the Light Bar Assembly are below the lower triple clamp. Diagram B. 3. Insert a Screw through the clamp and Light Bar Assembly mounting bracket and thread on an Acorn Nut. 4. Hold the Light Bar Assembly in place in front of the lower triple clamp, assemble and attach the remaining clamps. 5. With all four clamp assemblies in place, tighten the clamping screws and nuts to 15 ft. lbs. (21 Nm). Refer to the service manual to gain access to the wire harness inside the fuel tank tunnel or inside the frame backbone. Also, verify the appropriate color wires for hook-up of the passing lamps and turnsignals and running lights. Route the wires from the Light Bar Assembly, around the lower triple- clamp, and up to the frame backbone. Secure the wires so they cannot become pinched when turning the fork. A. The short black wires from the Light Bar Assembly connect to the wires powering the running lights. B. The short red wires from the Light Bar Assembly connect to the wires powering the turnsignals. C. The long blue wires from the Light Bar Assembly connect to the wire powering the headlight low beam. After the wires are connected, verify the operation of the passing lamps, running lights and turnsignals. Correct any connection problems before reassembling the motorcycle. Reinstall the fuel tank. Check all fasteners used during this installation for tightness

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