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This kit fits 1992 and later Evolution 1340 and XL models and 1999 and later Twin Cam-equipped models. INSTALLATION Perform this installation when the engine is cool. Working on or near the exhaust system when the engine is hot could result in severe burns. (00311a) 1. Remove spark plugs. 2. See Figure 1. Install head bolt covers (1), on head bolts (3), secure using setscrew (2) and Allen wrench included with kit. To prevent setscrews from falling into the spark plug holes, start threading the setscrews into the covers before placing them over the head bolts. Position cover on head bolt so that when spark plug is reinstalled setscrew is hidden from view but accessible with Allen wrench. Do not tighten setscrews on high points of bolts. 3. Reinstall spark plugs. Tighten spark plugs to 11-18 ftlbs (15-24 Nm) . If a torque wrench is not available, finger- tighten spark plug and then, using a spark plug wrench, tighten plug an additional 1/4 turn. 4. Readjust setscrew tightness after motor has operated at full operating temperature and then cooled. 2 1 3 is 001586 1. Head bolt cover 2. Setscrew 3. Head bolt Figure 1. Head Bolt Cover Installation

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