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1. Remove the Right Handlebar Control, upper and lower switch housing screws, and Right Grip from the Handlebar according to the service-manual instructions and set aside or leave hanging. Remember to insert a spacer between the rear brake light switch and the lever to keep the switch from being broken. 2. Remove the Left Hand switch housing from the handlebar according to the service-manual instructions. 3. Using a T27 TORX drive head remove the half of the clamp that secures the clutch hand lever to the handlebar and discard. The Heat Demon controller will replace this clamp when finishing the installation. Separate the clutch hand lever assembly from the handlebar and move away from the bar. 4. Mark the location of the Left Grip and remove it by twisting, heating or with air pressure. Almost all grips can be removed without damage. If this does not work it may be necessary to cut the grip for removal. 5. A hole needs to be drilled in the bottom of the handlebar to route the power wires and wires from the Controller. The location of the hole should be in the groove or recess on the bottom of the handlebar under the Left Switch Housing at the end of the groove toward the grip. Start by punching a hole location with a center punch to pierce the chrome. Use safety glasses that completely cover the eyes to protect from steel chips while drilling! Start with a small drill like a 3/32″ size to make the initial hole. Then use progressively larger drills or a step drill to increase the hole size to 5/16″. After the hole is drilled use a round file or deburring tool to remove the sharp edges. 6. Uncoil the plastic snake from the kit and run it from the right end of the handlebar out the left end. Twisting the snake or inserting it vertically versus flat can help to push around the corners. 7. Attach the white and yellow wires from the Right Grip Heater (Item 3) to the hole in the plastic snake and pull them through the bar so they exit the left end. (See drawing below) 8. Push the right heater into the handlebar by squeezing it together and sliding it fully inside of the bar. The end of the heater with the orange cap should be pushed in first. Cut the white and yellow wire to extend 4 inches beyond the left end of handlebar. 9. Install the Right Throttle Control and Grip according to the service manua

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