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INSTALLATION NOTE The shift levers in these kits have opposite counterbored screw holes. When the toe and heel levers are positioned correctly, the socket head cap screws will be installed from the bottom of both levers. 1. Before removing the original shift levers, note the orientation. You may want to replace them at the same position and angle. NOTE The original equipment shift levers may have the socket head screws that secure the shift levers to the splined shifter shaft installed from the top or bottom, depending on your model motorcycle. 2. See Figure 1. Remove the original equipment shifter pegs (A) and retain for re-attachment to the new levers if desired. Remove the socket head screws (3) that clamp the shift levers onto the splined shifter shaft. Remove the original equipment shift levers. 3. First, position the toe shifter lever (1) so the counterbored screw hole is at the bottom. Slide the toe shifter lever onto the splined shifter shaft and position to the desired angle, aligning the screw hole with the notch on the shaft. 4. Install the heel shift lever (2) with the counterbore at the bottom. 5. Add a few drops of Loctite® 243 (blue) to the socket head screws (3), and insert the screws into the counterbored holes. Tighten to 24-26 ft-lbs (32-35 Nm) . 6. Install the shifter pegs onto the new shift levers. If using the original pegs, place a few drops of Loctite blue onto the screw threads prior to installation. Tighten the shifter peg screws. 7. Check for proper operation and clearance

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