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DISASSEMBLY NOTE See Figure 1. Saddlebags must be removed to insert spacer (1). 1. Using a small flat head screw driver, remove rear fender tip light lens cover (A) by gently prying cover away from assembly. (There is a notch at top of cover to ease removal.) Remove and retain cover (A) and gasket (C). 2. Remove fender tip light assembly (B) by removing two screws, four star washers, and two nuts (not shown) using a #2 Phillips screw driver and a 3/8 inch wrench. Retain all hardware for reassembly. 3. Remove hole plugs from rearmost fender strut holes on both sides of fender. 4. Mark fender on both sides of bike using rear most fender strut hole as a template. Do not contact tire with drill bit when drilling fender holes. Drill bit contact with tire can lead to premature tire failure, which could result in death or serious injury. (00403f) 5. Carefully remove fender strut and drill a 11/32 inch hole through each side of fender in locations marked in Step 4. 6. Loosely reinstall fender strut (D), allowing enough room to slip spacer (1) between fender (E) and strut. INSTALLATION 1. Align rear fender rail (2) from kit with rearmost fender strut (D) mounting holes, making sure lower mounting tab (3) is inside fender (E). Place large chrome washer (4) from kit next to head of button head socket bolts (5) from kit. Insert bolt through fender rail (2), fender strut (D), spacer (1) and fender (E), in that order. Install large unfinished washer (6) from kit onto end of bolt (5). Secure assembly into place by threading locknuts (7) from kit onto ends of bolts (5) from inside of fender (E). Tighten loosely at this time. 2. Install truss head screw (8) from kit through fender (E) and rear fender rail mounting tab (3). Secure into place using small washer (9) and locknut (10) from kit. Use #2 Phillips screwdriver and a 3/8 inch wrench to tighten rear mounting assembly securely. 3. Tighten fender strut bolts (5) to 21-27 ft-lbs.(28-37 Nm) 4. Reinstall fender tip light assembly (B), gasket (C) and lens (A) using original hardware (not shown)

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