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This kit is designed for installation on 1986 and later XL model motorcycles. This kit is required on engines with compression ratios of 10:1 and higher. For XL 1200 engines with higher compression ratios, Screamin’ Eagle gasket kit part number 17046-98 is also recommended. Installation To protect against shock and accidental start-up of vehicle, disconnect the battery cables, negative cable first, before proceeding. Inadequate safety precautions could result in death or serious injury. Always disconnect the negative battery cable first. If the positive battery cable should contact ground with the negative cable installed, the resulting sparks may cause a battery explosion which could result in death or serious injury. 1. Disconnect the battery, negative cable first. 2. Remove top end heads and cylinders according to Service Manual instructions. Cylinder studs that are bent, scratched or broken must be replaced. Broken and bent studs distort clamp load, while scratches produce stress risers that may eventually lead to broken studs. Distorted clamp load causes head gasket leakage that may result in engine damage. Do not use a ratchet or breaker bar to install cylinder studs because they will bend the studs. 3. Remove existing cylinder studs according to Service Manual instructions. 4. Install new studs, Loctite end first. • Place a 0.313 inch DIAMETER BALL, HD Part Number 8860 (or from the XL clutch release mechanism) into the head bolt recess. Thread the stud into the head bolt until the stud bottoms on the ball. NOTE Pack clean shop towels into the crankcase openings to prevent the ball from falling into the flywheel compartment when removing the head bolt. • Clean the threads in the crankcase. • The studs have a Loctite patch on the crankcase end threads.Install the studs in the crankcase with the Loctite patch side down. • Use a T-handle to install the studs. Install studs until the free length is 4.84 ±.05 inches. See Service Manual for more detailed information. 5. Check all studs for proper height. 6. Reinstall the top end heads and cylinders according to the Service Manual Instructions

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