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1. Remove stock pushrods using a bolt cutter. 2. Place the motorcycle on a hydraulic center stand with the rear wheel raised off the ground. Remove spark plugs. CAUTION 1 WARNING 1 WARNING CAUTION 1 WARNING CAUTION ® i02097.tif Figure 1. Adjustable Push Rod Kit Number 17997-99A Pushrod Tube Adjusting Screw Flats Adjusting Screw Locknut 1 of 2 Exhaust Pushrod Tube has Thicker “Finished” area and is slightly longer Intake Pushrod Tube has Thinner “Finished” area and is slightly shorter 3. With transmission in gear use rear wheel to turn engine over until both front cylinder tappets are at their lowest point. 4. Replace O-rings, lower pushrod cover and spring cover keeper with new components supplied in kit. 5. See Figure 1. Loosen locknut on all of the pushrods and adjust them to their shortest length. NOTE See Figure 1. In Step 6, pushrods with the Thinner “Finished” area on the tubes must be installed to the Intake location on the cylinders; pushrods with the Thicker “Finished” area on the tubes are slightly longer and must be installed to the Exhaust locations on the cylinders. 6. Install pushrods with pushrod covers. Be sure adjuster end of pushrod is down and ball end of adjuster is in tappet socket. 7. If hydraulic tappets are used, adjust pushrods following procedure A. With solid tappets, follow procedure B. NOTE Pushrod adjustment must be made with engine cold. PROCEDUREA (Hydraulic Tappets) 1A. Adjust pushrod length to zero clearance. 2A. See Figure 1. With the pushrod tube kept from rotating with a 1/2 inch or adjustable wrench, slowly turn the adjusting screw with a 5/16 in. wrench, 2-1/2 complete turns counter clockwise (lengthening the pushrod) as viewed from the bottom. (You may wish to mark adjuster to aid in counting turns.) 3A. Hold adjusting screw and tighten locknut with 1/2 in. open end wrench against the pushrod tube. If pushrod turns with locknut use three open end wrenches, one to hold the pushrod tube, one to hold adjusting screw and one to turn locknut.

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