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1. Remove the seat 2. Remove the rear wheel. 3. Drain and remove the primary covers and drive belt. 4. Install the new supplied 13/16″ drive belt. 5. Re-install the primary covers, gasket, seal, and fluid. 6. Remove chrome fender strut covers. 7. Remove the plastic license plate mount and un-plug the turn signals 8. Remove the rear fender 9. Discard the long gold colored wiring covers from both sides of the inner fender. 10. Wash the inside of the fender thoroughly with soap and water. 11. Clean the inner fender along the wiring path with supplied alcohol. 12. Locate the wiring harness at the top right of the fender. 13. Firmly affix the 5 supplied zip holders along the wiring path. 14. Attach the harness using the supplied zip ties. Leave enough slack so that you can adjust the position of the harness once the fender is re-installed. 15. Re-install the fender using the supplied hardware. (The curved fender mounting brackets will be re-installed from the inside out using the 4 thin supplied nyloc nuts and washers. 16. Install the front license plate mount bolts inside out using the 2 supplied nylocs and washers. 17. Tighten the fender. Using a hack saw or cut off wheel, remove the remaining threaded studs flush with the nyloc nut on each of the fender brackets. 18. Re-install your chrome fender struts. 19. Adjust the wiring harness and tighten the zip ties. Cut off the excess zip tie. 20. Install the new Hogpro wheel, pulley, and the 200 tire of your choice. 21. Have Fun!

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