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PROCEDURE STEP 1*Remove the stock turn signal fixtures and cut the wires in a convenient and inconspicuous splice location. STEP 2**Place the split lock and flat washers on to the hollow bolts as shown in PIC. 1. Run the power leads through the hollow bolts and assemble the Silver Bullets to their mounts. See PIC. 2. STEP 3*Install the new Silver Bullet assemblies to the Mount Bar on the motorcycle. The stock 10-24 x 1/2″ socket head screws are to be re-used. PROCEDURE fOR AMBER DUAL CIRCUIT (fRONT WIRING) LED SILVER BULLET WIRE COLOR CODING IS AS fOLLOWS: Black — Ground Blue — Running Lights (power) Violet — Turn Signal (power) STEP 1 Turn key on. Test OEM stock front turn signal wiring with test light. STEP 2 Locate and mark the running light (power) wire. STEP 3 Individually activate the turn signals and mark the side-appropriate wires. STEP 4 Use the color code above to solder/connect the corresponding Silver Bullet wires to your Join like colored wires on the Silver Bullets and the bike’s turn signal harnesses. Insulate your connections. Route the wires safely out of harms way and tie the wires in place with nylon cable ties. 1995-EARLIER MODELS With a test light, probe the two black wires leading to each of the stock front turn signals. On each side, the wire that has power only when the turn signal button is depressed is the turn signal positive wire. The wire that is “hot” constantly when the key is on is the running light wire. Connect the violet wire from the Silver Bullet to the bikes turn signal wire, and the blue Silver Bullet wire to the bikes running light wire. Connect the black wire from the Silver Bullet to a known good chassis ground (bare metal). Insulate your connections. Route the wires neatly out of harms way and secure them with nylon cable ties. When replacing stock incandescent turn signals with LED lights, it may be necessary to add a load equalizer to make the turn signals flash properly. NOTE: When using Amber Dual Circuit Silver Bullets in rear applications, blue running lights (power) wire will not be used. To avoid corrosion, tape off bare wire. Test the lights for run and flash functions. If they light, but do not flash in the turn mode, add the load equalizer. The load equalizer has one black and two violet wires. The violet wires are not side specific. NOTE: LED Turn signals require the use of one Load Equalizer PER PAIR OF LED TURN SIGNALS to achieve the proper flash function. It is perfectly normal for the equalizer to get warm (about 140 degrees) during turn signal operation.

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